Anne Hoffman

Anne Hoffman is Delaware Public Media's youth producer and general assignment reporter.  Anne reports from Mount Pleasant High School's radio station WMPH as part of Delaware Public Media's youth media partnership with Brandywine School District. Anne covers news in New Castle County, and produces History Matters and other features.

Anne's passion for storytelling has taken her across the globe, from photographing behind the scenes at the Miss San Francisco contest, writing a long-form narrative about Chile’s cultural flowering after its 17-year dictatorship, and producing a radio documentary about the mystery of the Navajo Taco.  An alumna of the University of California Berkeley Gratutate School of Journalism, Anne's work has appeared on Latino USA, The Fronteras Desk, National Native News, Women’s International Broadcasting Network and The California Report.

Maracuyá means "passion fruit" in Spanish. For the DJ collective Maracuyeah, it's all about a passion for music — and connection.

At the D.C.-based group's fifth anniversary party, the dance floor at Judy's Bar & Restaurant is packed with a diverse crowd, from punk artists to recently arrived immigrants and buttoned-down, office types. Nohora Arrieta Fernandez, a Ph.D. student at Georgetown University who identifies as Afro-Colombian, says there's something for everyone here.