Beca Grimm

Nap Eyes' I'm Bad Now is named after the binary of "good" vs. "bad" prevalent in children's make-believe games. The title references the inherent team-switching that takes place during a lifetime, dabbling in the dark to make space for the light later. Told through vacillating second-person verses and tight, shimmery guitar riffs, I'm Bad Now slithers through 11 tracks like a phosphorescent python, its diamond-shaped scales emitting both glimmer and gloom.

Singer-songwriter BOSCO was born and raised in Savannah, Ga., eventually studying fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design — but it was Atlanta that granted her serious-artist pedigree. The artist formerly known as Brittany Bosco glides through a variety of genres, though usually stays rooted in some version of experimental R&B. 2015's BOY EP is a hazy, sensual journey around a dark lounge, its title track drenched in black honey.