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Actress Angelina Jolie made headlines yesterday with her announcement that she had proactively undergone a double mastectomy, after testing positive for a gene that carries high risks for breast and ovarian cancers.

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Millions of struggling seniors are paying more than they need to for their health care… effectively turning down free money. Local advocates say seniors are overwhelmed and missing out on many of the benefits they’re entitled to. 


You might expect firefighters would approve of adding flame-retardant chemicals to building materials. In reality, they see them as a threat. Now, state law makers are seeking to update old laws that effectively require the addition of flame retardants to many manufactured products.

Learn more about AB 127 through Assenblymember Skinner's website.


Since 1978, Santa Rosa Junior College’s ‘Day Under the Oaks’ has attracted Sonoma County residents eager to discover the range of educational and cultural offerings at the college. This year organizers are trying something new, a collection of professionals, acting as "living books," eager to talk about their jobs. 

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Starting in January 2014 Sonoma County residents and business will have a choice in where they buy electricity. The county is forming a local public power agency to purchase energy from renewable sources, at prices competitive to PG&E. Danielle Venton reports that could be a big boon to local business. Business opportunities within Sonoma Clean Power will be featured at the 2013 Sustainable Enterprise Conference in Rohnert Park this Friday. 


  Sonoma County residents can soon expect an option in where they buy their electric power. Danielle Venton reports this week the county Board of Supervisors moved forward on plans create a new local power authority, which could overturn PG&E as the primary supplier of electrical power in the county.

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The art of making wine is tied intimately to land and the climate. Changing weather patterns, with hotter, drier growing periods, will call on North Coast growers to adapt. As KRCB’s Danielle Venton reports, wine makers are already experimenting with techniques that will enable them to make great wine for many years to come. 

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It is the iconic image of Napa and Sonoma -- neat rows of grapevines. But how long will it last? As temperatures  rise, scientists warn many classic wine growing regions will become less viable. At the same time, new land will become ripe for grape growing, possibly creating problems for the wildlife currently there. As KRCB's Danielle Venton  reports, climate scientists and wine makers say now is the time to start preparing.


Almost 20 percent of American’s – about 54 million people -- live with disabilities, running the gamut from poor eyesight, difficulty hearing, trouble in getting around, emotional or physiological problems. For many, the companionship of a specially trained dog is key to living a fuller life. 

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More than 40 years ago, in June 1972, President Nixon signed Title IX of the Education Amendments Act into law. On March 27, Sonoma State University is dedicating the day to Title IX with workshops and lectures about gender equality. KRCB’s Danielle Venton spoke with visiting lecturer Donna Lopiano for a preview.