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It’s “all things cheese” in Petaluma this weekend. The 7th Annual Artisan Cheese Festival begins Friday for three days of tasting and learning about the industry. As KRCB’s Danielle Venton reports, specialty cheese is becoming a key way for North Bay dairies to transition to a new economy.

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Grape growers are wondering what’s next after a controversial new set of water regulations have apparently been scrapped. The regional water board announced earlier this month its new laws are on hold. As KRCB reports, the proposed rules would have placed stiff demands on local winemakers.

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Sonoma County bicyclists are anticipating an extra layer of legal protection from enraged drivers. The Board of Supervisors has voted to move ahead with an ordinance that would make the county to first in the nation to allow harassed cyclists and pedestrians to sue for damages in civil court. 

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Last week the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted to fund the needed engineering and financial studies for adding fluoride to municipal water. The decision provoked an outcry from some area residents, deeply suspicious about fluoride's proposed benefits. However, public health advocates say fluoride is a safe, clearly effective way to promote healthy teeth.

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Cycling enthusiasts are celebrating in the Napa Valley. A long-awaited bike path is gaining momentum. The 47-mile Napa Valley Vine Trail, stretching from Vallejo to Calistoga, will turn the area into a world-class destination for cyclists, both local and visiting. KRCB reporter Danielle Venton tries out the first mile.

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Being questioned by a police officer can be a nerve-wracking experience. Civil rights advocates say it's important to know your legal rights and not give law enforcement more power than they're legally entitled to. A local group of community organizers and attorneys host occasional workshops to inform citizens about the legal system. Their most recent workshop, held yesterday, focused on rights within the educational system.

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 From oven mitts, to satellites to self-driving cars... Sometimes it seems like everything that could be invented already has been. But as local kids are learning, as long as there are problems, possible solutions await them. Three students from Calistoga Elementary School recently won 1st place in an international competition for a creative solution to a problem they see everyday. KRCB's Danielle Venton has more.

Decoding Birdsong

Feb 12, 2013
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Birds speak in a language all their own. Through chirps, warbles, trills and calls, they advertise for mates, warn of approaching predators and defend territories. Naturalist and author David Lukas trains listeners to pick up on these cues and hear a new world, as KRCB's Danielle Venton reports.

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Tracking, the ancient art of detecting subtle signals left by animals, is alive and well today -- especially in the North Bay. Through local tracking clubs, classes and the Point Reyes Tracking School, launched this week, the opportunities are ripe for learning the ways of the outdoors. 

Jim Sullivan (right) organizes monthly classes and meet ups

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On yesterday's North Bay Report we heard about some of the projects underway this year for the Russian River. The watershed is home to many state and local efforts to bring back threatened and endangered fish. In the final part of our series, KRCB's Danielle Venton reports on the river's water quality and finds that while things have improved, there is still a long way to go.