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This week in Petaluma COTS, or Committee on the Shelterless, re-opens its facility to help homeless families, after shutting its doors three years ago. The shelter is located at 1500 Petaluma Blvd South. 


Even though the next election season seems far off, political progressives in Sonoma County say the time is now to start organizing. They’re taking lessons from successful politicians in nearby Richmond. 

Gayle McLaughlin will be speaking again next weekend, Saturday, June 27 at the Praxis Peace Institute, 4 pm, Sonoma Community Center, Sonoma Community Center, Room 110, 276 E. Napa St., Sonoma. (Details on event page.)

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From the Forest Service, to CalFire, to local volunteer departments, agencies are geared up for fire season. One kind of fire fighter is often overlooked---those who try to stop blazes before they break out. KRCB recently visited a fire meteorologist to learn more.

Flooding, severe storms, and “king tides” are a severe problem in much of West Marin. Rising global temperatures will mean more intense storms and higher sea levels. But Marin is already looking to the future, looking for ways to adapt. 

Looking for your chance to play "Game of Floods"? A second community meeting is planned for June 6, 2015.   


Fire season is coming fast upon us. Up and down the state firefighting agencies are busy preparing for a year that could be one of the worst --- as drought continues to cripple the state. KRCB recently spent a day with a group of elite wildland fire fighters to learn what goes into getting ready for fire season. 

To learn more about Hot Shot crews, including what it takes to be one, visit the U.S. Forest Service website.  

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California has turned to groundwater to survive through the current drought. A new collaboration between the state and researchers at the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration aims to use satellite monitoring and advanced technology to help the state manage this resource.

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Over the weekend, 400 students gathered from around Sonoma County to pit their custom made ‘bots against each other in an annual robotics challenge. KRCB was on hand to witness the joys and challenges of robot battles.

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Sonoma County prides itself on its agricultural history, but high land costs are making it difficult for the next generation of farmers to get a foothold. An alliance of farmers, landowners and public agencies are hoping to change that.  

Early this month, during the annual Sierra snow pack measurement, government officials were alarmed that snow pack is at just 5% of its normal levels. Snow usually accounts for about a third of California’s annual water supply, but this year things will be different.

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Energy: civilization can’t run without it. But the way we use energy – depending mostly on fossil fuel – can’t go on for long, say analysts worried about the rising impacts of climate change. Elena Krieger director of Oakland-based energy think tank PSE Healthy Energy has a plan for boosting renewable energy.