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Lori Dengler, Humboldt State University.

After catastrophic a tsunami struck Indonesia in 2004, the US government ramped up efforts to prepare for a similar disaster on our own shores. Recently, it released a new tool to pinpoint areas of danger to help residents plan ahead. 

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Want an organic, free-range, no-antibiotic turkey this Thanksgiving? Consider hunting for your own.  

In California wild turkeys are on the move: invading urban areas where they become a nuisance and expanding into northern areas at higher elevations. 

Pepperwood Preserve

Local ecologists are using an innovative tool for studying wildlife. Motion activated cameras, that trigger when an animal passes by, are helping researchers track migration corridors and monitor the effects of climate change.


Farms in Sonoma County are part of an innovative program to close the waste loop. It’s “Farm to table, back to Farm.”

After bottles and cans are separated out for recycling, food scraps are the largest section of household waste that enters landfills. But as KRCB finds, several local cities like San Francisco and Oakland are working to change that and Sonoma County farms are cashing on the benefits. 

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When it comes to saving water, every drop counts. On today's North Bay Report, KRCB rides along with staff from the City of Santa Rosa, on the watch for water violations.

The Santa Rosa City adopted mandatory water restrictions on August 5, 2014 to comply with California's drought emergency regulations. Their goal is to reduce water usage by 20 percent compared to 2013. The restrictions and prohibitions on water-use include: 

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At a meeting this week of the Seismic Safety Commission, a state and local officials gathered this week to compare lessons after the South Napa Quake. 

Of the counties represented Napa was undeniably the hardest hit. There were nearly 300 injuries countywide, one fatality. About 150 buildings were red tagged, meaning they were not fit for occupancy, and more than 1,000 were yellow tagged, meaning that they needed repairs. The damage is currently estimated at more than $300 million. 

Last week California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that requires the state develop an earthquake early warning system. Proponents of the system say it would save lives and avoid millions in damage during the next big quake. But as KRCB reports, no one yet knows how the system will be paid for.

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  Harmful algal blooms occur when certain types of algae grow out of control and release toxic substances that damage fish, shellfish, birds, marine mammals and humans. In California, sea lions are the most commonly affected and the problem, scientists say, is getting worse [PDF]. 


Assembly Bill 60 becomes effective on January 1st. It’ll allow non-citizen residents of California to hold legal licenses – for the first time since 1993. With just a few months left to prepare people for the new law, officials at the Calif. Department of Motor Vehicles are staying very busy.  For a list of accepted documents to apply for a license visit the DMV's current list  [PDF].  For sample tests and audio and video from previous workshops, visit the DMV's AB 60 website.

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A new law goes into effect on January 1st which will allow undocumented immigrants to receive drivers licenses. We examine what this new law will mean for families in the area, and how law enforcement is responding.