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Mark Prell began his broadcast career at KRCB in 2008 as a volunteer, hosting Saturday mornings. He eventually took over as weekday Afternoon host, later taking on the duties of weekday Morning host as well. Mark continues to host the weekday Morning and Afternoon drive times, and has a lot of fun doing it. 

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Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

ALSO: Rising home prices throughout California mean more homeowners are earning equity...and fewer are underwater.

Today's reporting by Ben Adler and Steve Milne.

What Will Happen to People Insured through Covered Cal, MediCal?

Nov 16, 2016

ALSO: The members of California’s largest state workers union have authorized a strike if negotiators can't reach a labor deal with Governor Jerry Brown’s administration.

Today's reporting by Ja'Nel Johnson, Ben Adler, and Julia Mitric.

Ag Industry Optimistic On Trump's Future Trade Policy

Nov 15, 2016
Pacific Southwest Region USFWS / Flickr

California exports 20 percent of the agriculture it produces. Federal trade policy has a huge impact on state agricultural exports. Despite unknowns, one AG industry leader is optimistic about trade policy under president-elect Trump

Today's reporting by Julia Mitric.

California Leaders Prepare To Fight Trump Administration

Nov 14, 2016

ALSO: Leaders of the independence campaign Yes California say Gov. Jerry Brown has boldly declared the Golden State a separate country. PolitiFact California found this greatly distorts Brown’s comments on the topic. We rated it Pants On Fire.

Today's reporting by Chris Nichols and Ben Adler.

California's Plastic Bag Ban Now In Effect Statewide

Nov 11, 2016
Ben Adler /

ALSO: Now that this election’s over, there’s news about the next one: Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has entered the 2018 California governor’s race.

Today's reporting by Ben Adler.

Few Glitches At California Polls Despite Early Fears

Nov 10, 2016

ALSO: The passage of Proposition 64 legalizes recreational marijuana in California, but only some aspects take effect immediately.

Today's reporting by Chris Nichols and Ben Bradford.

ALSO: Props 63 and 64 among the winners last night.

Today's reporting by Daniel Potter.

California's Ballot May Seem Long, But...

Nov 8, 2016

ALSO: It’s perhaps the quietest race for an open Senate seat in the country, but for the first-time in nearly a quarter-century, California will send a new Senator to Washington.

Today's reporting by Ben Adler and Ben Bradford.

At End Of Senate Race, Harris Campaigning For Others

Nov 7, 2016
AP photo

California will elect its first new U.S. Senator in almost a quarter-century on Tuesday, and the candidates—both Democrats—are making their final pitches to voters. Well, one of them is.

Today' reporting by Ben Bradford.

Scientists Use Nano-Tech In Plants To Detect Harmful Compounds

Nov 4, 2016

Scientists have found a way to embed very small particles in spinach plants to create a kind of environmental "early warning" system.

Today's reporting by Julia Mitric.

Brown Hits Campaign Trail For Prop 57, Against Prop 53

Nov 3, 2016
Ben Adler /

California Gov. Jerry Brown is blasting a measure on next week’s ballot that would require voter approval for projects financed by revenue bonds of $2 billion or more.

Today's reporting by Ben Adler.

Gov. Jerry Brown says in a new TV ad that Prop 53 increases the cost of roads, bridges and hospitals. PolitiFact California did not put a rating on Brown's statement, but found he ignored independent analysis that says 53 could lower some costs.

Today's reporting by Chris Nichols.

Reservoir Levels Rising In Northern California

Nov 1, 2016

ALSO: Doctors, hospitals and health care advocacy groups are hoping two November ballot measures will do what they’ve been unable to do at the state Capitol: Bring more money to California’s health care program for the poor.

Today's reporting by Amy Quinton and Ben Adler.

Proposition 64 Avoids Its Predecessors Late October Drop-Off

Oct 31, 2016

ALSO: If approved on Election Day, when would California's ballot measures go into effect? Some would start right away -- including Proposition 64's decriminalization of marijuana. Others like Proposition 63 would be phased in over several years.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford and Chris Nichols.

Amy Quinton /

ALSO: A political consultant sees the campaign against soda following the same blueprint as environmentalists who opposed the use of disposable plastic bags in grocery stores.

Today's reporting by Amy Quinton and Ben Bradford.

New PPIC Poll on CA Senate Race, Ballot Measures

Oct 27, 2016

ALSO: California Republicans are campaigning hard to block Democrats from reclaiming supermajorities in the state Legislature after Democrats lost seats in the 2014 midterms. But Donald Trump’s unpopularity isn’t helping their cause.

Today's reporting by Chris Nichols and Ben Adler.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases on the Rise in California

Oct 26, 2016

ALSO: If voters decide to legalize recreational marijuana on Election Day, the California Department of Food and Agriculture will take lead role in licensing and regulating growers of California's 401st commodity.

Today's reporting by Ja'Nel Johnson and Julia Mitric.

Agencies Warn Of Flooding Potential In California

Oct 25, 2016

ALSO: California voters who oppose the plastic bag industry may accidentally cast ballots against their views.

Today's reporting by Amy Quinton and Ben Bradford.

Chris Nichols /

Fact checks from Rep. Ami Bera and Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones during this week's 7th Congressional District debate. Bera got a Mostly True for his claim about an election fraud case. Jones received a Half True on a marijuana claim.

Today's reporting by Chris Nichols.

DMV Looks For Feedback On New Driverless Car Regulations

Oct 20, 2016
Daniel Potter /

ALSO: California’s largest state worker union says it will ask its members to authorize a strike.

Today's reporting by Daniel Potter and Ben Adler.

Ad Targets Republican Voters In California Senate Race

Oct 19, 2016

ALSO: California needs more Latino doctors to care for patients, according to a survey by Latino Physicians of California.

Today's reporting by Daniel Potter and Ja'Nel Johnson

Katheirne Hitt / flickr

ALSO: Democrats in the California Legislature are hoping to clinch a supermajority in this fall’s election by picking up two more seats in the Assembly and one in the Senate.

Today's reporting by Julia Mitric and Daniel Potter.

Steyer Gets In Front Of The Camera, Presaging Bid For Gov.

Oct 17, 2016

It’s common for political donors to bankroll campaign ads, but Silicon Valley Democrat Tom Steyer has taken the unusual step of appearing in them.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford.

Strange Bedfellows Form Coalition To Increase Water Supply

Oct 14, 2016

ALSO:  California requires campaigns and their donors to disclose the money they spend and receive, but that information—while technically publicly available—can be difficult to track.

Today' reporting by Amy Quinton and Ben Bradford.

ALSO: A state lawmaker has proposed ending a loophole allowing unlimited contributions by California political parties to candidates for office.

Today's reporting by Chris Nichols.

Legal Challenges To Statewide Ballot Measures Inevitable

Oct 12, 2016

ALSO: It's renewal time for participants in California's health insurance exchange, which may mean cost savings for some consumers.

Today's reporting by Ben Adler and Ja'Nel Johnson.

Film Credit Increases CA Production, But Economic Benefit Is Hazy

Oct 11, 2016
Reed Saxon/AP /

ALSO: Climate change may benefit native California oysters according to a new UC Davis study. But that's only If invasive predators don't kill them first.

Today's reporting by Ben Bradford and Amy Quinton.

California’s U.S Senate candidates Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez made questionable claims in last week's debate. PolitiFact California rated a claim by Harris about Sanchez's record Half True. And a Sanchez claim about Prop 57 as False.

Today's Reporting by Chris Nichols

Howard Lipin /

ALSO: A record-setting $450 million could be raised for California's ballot measure campaigns this election. That would shatter the record for a single November election of $370 million set in 2012, according to MapLight.

Today's reporting by Bob Moffitt and Chris Nichols.

Schwarzenegger, Brown Mark 10th Anniversary Of Climate Change Law

Oct 6, 2016
Rich Pedroncelli / AP

ALSO: Water conservation in California has dropped after regulators lifted mandatory restrictions.

Today's reporting by Ben Adler and Amy Quinton.