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Mark Prell began his broadcast career at KRCB FM Radio 91 in 2008 as a volunteer, hosting Saturday mornings. He eventually took over as weekday Afternoon host, later taking on the duties of weekday Morning host as well. Mark continues to host the weekday Morning and Afternoon drive times, and has a lot of fun doing it. 

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• A bill at the CA State Capitol would allow individual employees to work four 10-hour days each week.

• California lawmakers move closer to expanding Medi-Cal eligibility.

• Brown says Medi-Cal expansion has to be implemented in a financially sustainable way.

• PUC Director takes full responsibility for widespread budget errors.

• Budget cuts and higher construction costs put CA’s local roads system in a crisis.

• Hundreds of thousands of people may choose to leave their company’s health plan.

• The crowd and energy level weren’t as big as last year's rally.

• About 50 pilots, medics and mechanics from the California National Guard are being deployed to Afghanistan.

Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

• McCarthy says Republicans must show voters the Party cares about their lives.

• Republican Senator Tom Berryhill  calls CEQA is an economic impediment.

Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

• U-C receives about three billion dollars in federal grants every year.

• California Assembly Speaker John Pérez (PEH-rehz) says the  sequestration comes at a terrible time for CA.

• Republicans and conservatives are the only groups whose majorities oppose gay marriage.

• Cal Grants could be restored for private university students.

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• Research finds nearly 12-thousand incarcerated youth in California.

• The FAA says sequester would close almost two-dozen air traffic control towers at California airports.

Link to proposed FAA closures:

• Californians think tighter gun control laws more important than protecting the right to own guns.

• Some Californians could face reduced unemployment benefits if sequestration goes forward.

• New legislation would require all savings under realignment to be passed on to counties.

• A state lawmaker wants to establish exclusive courts to cover CEQA lawsuits.

Robert Schwandl /

• CA's immigrants should be able to stay and become citizens – if conditions are met.

• California lawmakers want to prevent unauthorized interruption of wireless services.


Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

• Expanding CA Medicaid under federal health law would make good fiscal and policy sense.

• CA lawmaker wants “zero tolerance” law for driving under the influence of drugs.

• UC Berkeley labor economist says too many Californians are underpaid.

• Lawmakers introduce bills aimed at bosltering youth vote.

• California Department of Finance warned about unreported surpluses as far back as 1999.

• Leveraging federal tax code could raise more than half a billion dollars a year for college financial aid.

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• A new California “Homeowner’s Bill of Rights” partly behind the 62 percent drop.

• Covered California previews health benefit plan options under new State health-exchange.

Associated Press

• Two sectors will lead job growth: technology and construction.

• Democratic lawmakers propose a new tax on oil removed from the ground in California.

Mark Shumerling /

• Recently released Federal fracking regulations have lawmakers concerned.

• Could CA hold an election following an emergency or natural disaster?

• About 200 Californians protest tighter gun laws in Sacramento.

• Bill to provide driver licenses for undocumented immigrants gains steam.

Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

• Democrats in the State Senate call for 10 bills to help reduce gun violence.

• LA Mayor Villaraigosa says Dorner has no legitimate beef with LAPD.

• Cash buyers paid a median price of $205,000.

• Bill would prohibit garnishing wages over student loan debt.

• Like auto insurance, gun owners would be required to have liability insurance.

• Texas Governor Rick Perry attempts to lure CA businesses to the Lone Star state.

• California’s growth more than two percent to just under one percent for the Nation.

• ARCO and British Petroleum sued by CA for thousands of safety violations.

• Few CA businesses plan to hire in 2013.

• New bill would protect gun permit holders' private information.

• A new PPIC poll puts Brown’s approval rating at 51 percent.

• CA Lawmakers Propose Arming School Teachers.

Capitol Public Radio

• Standard and Poor’s has upgraded the state from an A-minus to an A.

• A bipartisan group of California lawmakers support push for a federal immigration bill in Congress.

Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press

• Medi-Cal changes may mean a simpler process for consumers.

• LA Senator Wants Statewide Early Earthquake Warning System.

Steve Yeater / Associated Press

• Gun rights advocates, law enforcement, and gun violence prevention experts appeared before California lawmakers at a joint legislative hearing.

• All bills would be in print and online for 3 days before a final vote in either chamber.

• Special Legislative Session on Health Care Starts Monday.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

• Brown melds a victory lap with Bible stories and California history as he urges lawmakers to advance his agenda.

• Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers praise Brown’s State of The State address.