Amilia K Spicer stops by Studio A - Wednesday March 29th @ 10 am

Mar 27, 2017

Amilia K Spicer stops by Studio-A, Wednesday morning at 10am, to chat with Brian Griffith on KRCB-FM Radio 91!

Amilia K Spicer will be stopping by Studio A to chat with Brian Griffith, Wednesday morning in the 10:00 am hour.  

From her website:

"It may be her haunting, husky voice that first grabs a listener, the way it glides over melodies like smoke, but it’s the songwriting that Spicer really wants you to hear - The turns of phrases, the wistful poetry, the smart (and sometimes smart aleck) lyrics. They are intimate and visual, like walking into a movie. There is an edge, a turbulence, in many of the places Amilia writes about, but not all of them.  

Her songwriting fuses together the different places she calls home. Raised in rural Pennyslvania, currently residing in California, spending half the year in Austin, the topography covers languid farm landscapes, red dirt Americana, and an occasional turn down a dark alley with flickering neon. Her new record makes a stop in Harlan, Kentucky for the first time in her writing.  

The musical DNA is crowded." 

You can find our more about Amilia K Spicer at her website  -

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