Anticipating New Economic Realities

May 7, 2013

Say goodbye to cheap oil, high-wage manufacturing jobs, and rampant consumerism, says energy analyst Richard Heinberg. The coming new economy will get along just fine without depending on them.

Richard Heinberg

As the era of inexpensive fossil fuels wanes, so too will big agribusiness go into decline, Heinberg predicts. But already he sees a resurgence of family farming rising to take over the critical role of providing sustenance for local communities.

Richard Heinberg is the keynote speaker at a public forum in Santa Rosa on Wednesday evening, May 8, titled “Navigating the New Economic Reality: Inspiring Opportunities for the North Bay.”The event, at the Glaser Center, begins at 7 pm, and also features a panel discussion. It's co-sponsored by the Share Exchange and the Local Economy Institute.