Audible Evidence of Climate Change

Sep 14, 2016

Bernie Krause
Credit Kat Krause

  Audio ecologist Bernie Krause has been capturing the sounds of the natural world for decades. But the changes he hears in those recordings now carry a clear and worrisome message.

The museum exhibition hall, as seen from outside

  The Animal Orchestra exhibit at the Parisian Fondation Cartier museum is an immersive experience that occupies the entire facility, marvels Bernie Krause, as he offers a partial description of it.

The entire enterprise has been an unexpected success, Krause says, both for him personally and for the museum.

Read a more detailed report/review of the installation here.

Krause will play some of his recording from Sugarloaf Park and elsewhere around the world  in a benefit presentation for the Sonoma Ecology Center, called “Voices of the Natural World.” The event is at Ramekins in  Sonoma on the night of Sept. 14.Get tickets and further information here.