Better Prospects for the 2016 Dungeness Crab Season

Sep 1, 2016

Dense cells of the harmful algae Pseudo-nitzchia during a bloom off the West Coast last summer forced the closure of numerous shellfish and crab fisheries.
Credit NOAA

As a weak salmon season follows the closure of much of last year’s crab season, the beleaguered north coast fishing fleet is hoping for better conditions this winter. And they’re not the only ones who are being cautiously optimistic.

Filmmakers Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele examine the state  of the Pacific coast crab fishery in their short documentary, High Hopes:  The Future of the Dungeness Crab, winner of this year's Yale Environment 360 video contest.  Watch it here:

Learn more about NOAA's research into toxic algae blooms and their causes and consequences, here.