Bio-mimicry Gains Traction

Nov 14, 2013

A whirlpool in clear water
Credit Pax Scientific

  In the past decade and a half, some 200 new products have come onto the market, derived from the careful study of the plant and animal worlds through “bio-mimicry.” And a prominent businessman in the field predicts that’s a mere trickle, compared to the flood he expects to follow.

Jay Harman grew up along the Australian coast, where his fascination with the natural world developed early on.

Jay Harman

In addition to the products developed by his Marin-based company, Pax Scientific, Harman is also an enthusiastic booster for other bio-mimetic breakthroughs—such as a key new ingredient for sunscreens that comes from an utterly unpredictable source.

    Another new product, already seeing wide use elsewhere in the world, is based on a property found in some common plants.

These and many more are discussed in greater length in Harman’s recent semi-autobiographical book, The Shark’s Paintbrush. You can see a video"trailer" for the book below.