Boys & Girls Club at Juvenile Hall

Jun 28, 2014

Michelle Edwards, from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma County (l) and Marty Mitchell, Director of Sonoma County's Juvenile Hall, collaborate in the operation of The Club for incarcerated youth at the Los Gulicos facility.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  There’s a place in Sonoma County where even rival gang members can enjoy sharing a nutrition class or a game of Foosball. It takes some effort to get into—but it can be even harder to get out.  

The Los Gulicos campus was expanded and updated in 2007.

  Marty Mitchell, a veteran youth probation officer who is now Director of the Los Gulicos facility, observes that the Boys & Girls Club program incorporates teaching social skills, which he has seen take root in some improbable ways.

Boys and Girls Club administrator Michelle Edwards adds a further example.

Will Shonbrough directs the daily program activities at the Boys and Girls Club within Juvenile HaLL.

  With success stories such as that, says Edwards,  it's no surprise that other clubs in other counties are interested in setting up similar programs.