Brook Haven Students Aim for Zero Waste

Apr 11, 2014

  All this week, students at a Sebastopol elementary school have been seeing how close they can get to generating zero waste. It’s part of a program sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with a big emphasis on cutting down the use of plastics. We hear today from the teacher who’s been guiding that effort.

Although many other schools observed Zero Waste Week last month, the actions students are encouraged to take remain the same:

·  Say "NO thank you" to plastic straws when you are dining out

·  Replace plastic sandwich and snack bags in your lunch with reusable containers

·  Replace paper plates with reusable eco-friendly plastic plates

·  Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins

·  Say "NO thank you" to plastic bags at your local store and use your cloth bag instea