Calls Are Mounting to Restrict Glyphosate

Oct 13, 2016

Worker wear heavy-duty protection while applying Round-up in an agricultural field.
Credit Center for Food Safety

Thanks in large part to the widespread use of genetically modified corn, soy and other crops, herbicides containing glyphosate are being more widely used than ever before. At the same time, new concerns about the health and environmental damage that the chemical causes are prompting calls to restrict it.

Opposition to the use of Round-up and glyphosate is already strong across Europe, one of the driving forces behind the International Monsanto Tribunal being held in The Hague his weekends. Click here for the live video stream of the proceedings while they are underway.

Every 15 years, the Environmental Protection Agency conducts a re-examination of the safety of agricultural chemicals, a process called re-registration. Their review of glyphosate has been underway for some time already, says, Bill Freese, Science Policy Advisor for the Center for Food Safety. But he’s not encouraged by delays and other indicators about the final determination, which is now expected to be published next year.

Here in California, state officials have added glyphosate to the list of hazardous chemicals regulated under Proposition 65. But Freese says Round-Up maker Monsanto has fought the move.