City of Calistoga Evacuation Order Lifted

Oct 15, 2017

From: NAPA County Sheriff's Office - 

City of Calistoga Evacuation Order is hereby lifted effective at 2:00 PM today, Oct. 15th.

City of Calistoga Evacuation Order is hereby lifted effective at 2:00 PM today, Oct. 15th (English and Spanish)
This notice applies to residents of Calistoga within the City limits Only (Calistoga residents living within the County will need to await further direction from the County of Napa):
The City of Calistoga mandatory evacuation order will be lifted by CalFIRE starting at 2:00 PM today (Oct. 15th). Residents are urged to be cautious as they return to their homes.  This is a result of fires still on Mt. St. Helena that are being heavily worked by CalFIRE but are no longer an imminent threat to the City of Calistoga. Beginning at 2:00 PM only City of Calistoga residents, first responders and critical service providers will be allowed entry.   There will be a heavy police presence in the community to ensure an orderly re-entry and to ensure that only residents are returning.
Below are some important details to consider when preparing to return:

§  Roadways: You can proceed to Calistoga via Silverado Trail or via SR 29.  All other routes (128 East of Bennett Lane, SR 29 from Lake County at Tubbs Lane, Petrified Forest Road all remain closed).  Please drive safely.

§  Debris: City streets have been cleared of debris from the wind storms.  Private properties may be cluttered with tree limbs etc.  Please be mindful of potential hazards (hanging broken tree limbs, downed power lines on your property, etc..).

§  Safe Clean Up:  While we have been spared the direct impact of fire, we have been impacted by ash fallout.  Please refer to the attached information for safe clean up of ash (attached). 


§  Perishable Disposal: there were limited long-term power outages in certain areas of town (all power is on currently).  If you are in need of disposal of perishable itms from your home, there will be dumpsters specifically for that material located at Mt. St. Helena Golf Course parking lot and on Cedar Street in front of Rancho de Calistoga

§  Fuel: gas stations in town have been utilized to supply emergency vehicles throughout this incident and their supplies are low and will be for the next day or so.  You may want to fill your tank on your way home.

§  Cash: banks have not been able to replenish ATM machines so visit an ATM on your way home if needed.

§  Critical Grocery Needs: CalMart will be open this afternoon for supplies of non-perishable items.  

§  Misc. Supplies: Ace Hardware will be open for those needs

§  Other Services: restaurants, retail stores, etc... will be opening slowly over the next day or so.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this very challenging period.  We have a lot to be grateful for and a lot of people to thank for keeping our City safe.  Unfortunately many other communities in our area were not as fortunate.  We are asking our residents to come home, get settled and be ready to assist those that are still in need.