From City of Calistoga - Useful Information for Returning Home

Oct 18, 2017

Welcome Home Calistoga! CalFIRE mandated evacuation has been lifted, here is additional information that may be useful.

Welcome Home Calistoga!

Now that the CalFIRE mandated evacuation has been lifted and we have been able to come home and resettle, we wanted to provide some additional information that may be useful.

§  Air quality index:  As each day goes by, our air quality is improving.  Please be sure to check the air quality via the attached link and follow the advice provided.

§  Safe Ash Clean Up:  Please refer to the attached information for safe clean up of ash

§  Trash Services:  Upper Valley Waste Disposal will allow for all trash types in all bins (brown, green or blue) for pick up this week only.  Beginning next week, specific bins will be for specific types of refuse as usual (trash, green waste, recyclables). 

§  Perishable Disposal: If you are in need of disposal for perishable items from your home, there are dumpsters specifically for that material located at Mt. St. Helena Golf Coarse parking lot and on Cedar Street in front of Rancho de Calistoga. 

§  Remaining Road Closures:  We understand the frustration experienced in not being able to move about as freely as you would like.  There are several roads still closed as a result of significant infrastructure clean up and repairs in progress.  Specifically Petrified Forest Road, Franz Valley School Road, 128 north of Bennett Lane, and SR 29 north of Tubbs Lane.  Getting to the Santa Rosa area will remain a challenge for the foreseeable future. 

§  Utility Outages: Mostly impacting our friends and neighbors on the outskirts of the City, restoration of power in certain areas will be a problem for several days to come.  Please refer to the PG&E website for updates on service availability 

§  Business Impact Resources: If you have a Calistoga based business that has been impacted by the fires, there is resource information available at 

§  Kids & Teens Activities: The Boys & Girls Club of Calistoga located at 1401 N. Oak Street (next to the community pool) is open to all children in town for events and activities while the schools are closed.  The hours will be 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM daily.  The Teen Center located at 1505 Grant Street will be open 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM daily as well.  These are available to all children whether or not they are current members of the Boys & Girls Club. Calistoga schools will reopen on Oct. 23rd.

The City of Calistoga remains prepared to help with your needs.  Please let us know and we will make every effort to assist you. The non-emergency number for Calistoga PD is 707-942-2810
We are very happy to have everyone home!