Climate One

Jul 16, 2013

Climate One
Thursdays at 7 pm

July 18 - Warrior Writers

Bill McKibben and Antonia Juhasz

Bill McKibben, Founder,; Author, Earth: Making A Life on a Tough New Planet
Antonia Juhasz, Author, Black Tide; Investigative Reporting Program, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

The urgency of the climate crisis has compelled writers such as Bill McKibben and Antonia Juhasz to cross the line into advocacy. That may cause advocates to cheer but can also turn away readers who discount partisans. Advocates contend that the urgency of climate science requires strong and swift action but that the abundance of facts are not mobilizing people or politicians fast enough. Storytelling is one way to reach people not impressed by complex facts about a topic as confusing as carbon pollution.

How can reporting on energy, presented as opportunity or catastrophic risk, compete against grumpy cat memes and economic woes? Is there a secret to breaking through the flood of information to make a meaningful impression on the public? Join us for a discussion with two of the environmental movement’s leading communicators.