The Constitutional Case for Impeachment

Feb 28, 2017

Donald Trump, both personally and politically, is deeply unpopular with a wide swath of Americans. That’s not a basis for impeachment, but there does appear to be one in the US Constitution.

Credit C-SPpAN

With a strong Republican majority controlling both houses of Congress, it may not be surprising that no individual representative has yet come forward to argue for impeachment. But Norman Solomon, co-chair of the Mill Valley-based Grass Roots Coalition for Grass Roots Progress, says there has been one preliminary step taken.

As dismay and resistance mount in response to various Trump Administration policy moves, Solomon sees a scenario in which constituent pressure in the 2018 Congressional election could lead even some reluctant Republicans to get behind the Impeachment idea.

The website for the impeachment campaign is here. Read the applicable section (Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 7) of the Constitution here.