Cricket Speeds Up, Gains Popularity in the North Bay

Oct 29, 2015

A cricket batsman swings at the (red) ball in a Last Man Stands game at the Napa Valley Cricket Club.
Credit Napa Valley Cricket Club

  Playing cricket requires a bat and ball, and the ability to throw, catch and hit—just enough similarities to help the sport find a toehold in the North Bay.

  The Sonoma Gullies are one of three teams now active in the North Bay's Last Man Stands cricket games. The team takes its name from a Hindi word for “alleyway,” where kids will often play pick-up games in India. Team member Anu Shah says the local team also grew from informal beginnings.

Cricket’s complicated rules and conventions are comparable to those in other sports, such as baseball, says Phil Bourke of the Napa Valley Cricket Club. Getting acquainted with them is the first step toward enjoying the sport.