Dick Spotswood Samples the Iowa Caucuses

Feb 1, 2016

  With Iowa now wrapping up its quadrennial turn in the political spotlight, attention is largely focused on the results of the partisan primary caucuses. But KRCB’s man on the ground in Des Moines has been watching the campaign process as it unfolded in the final days there, and shares his observations with us.

Faces in the crowd, waiting to caucus Monday night in Des Moine, Iowa.
Credit Dick Spotswood

  It’s not widely known in California, but we share with Iowa, a redistricted set of electoral districts that were not drawn by judges or politicians.  In the give-and-take of a Jeb Bush rally, even that issue came up, to the surprise of Dick Spotswood.

You can read Dick’s initial report from Iowa to Marin County here.