Disaster Expert Emphasizes Equity, Community in Recovery from Fires

Jul 3, 2018

SOCO Rises poster for June 4, 2018 event
Credit SOCO Rises

SoCo Rises is one of several groups active in the county’s recovery from last October’s fires. The group pulls together many constituents of the progressive community to consider rebuilding and resilience. The goal is to make sure nobody is left out of plans to build a new Sonoma County on the ashes of the old – both literally and figuratively.

SoCo Rises convened a meeting last month at the Glaser Center. Laurie Johnson was among the speakers – she is an internationally recognized urban planner specializing in disaster recovery and catastrophe risk management. Our news director Steve Mencher was in the audience.

Download Laurie Johnson's book After Great Disasters, or download a shorter version.