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Mar 2, 2015

Steve Earle & the Dukes: Terraplane

This week's new releases....

Steve Earle & the Dukes: Terraplane. This new release takes its title from the 1930s Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit model, which also inspired the Robert Johnson song ”Terraplane Blues.” It is Earle’s 16th studio album since the release of his highly influential 1986 debut Guitar Town. As its title suggests, the album is very much a blues record, a third of which was written while Earle toured Europe alone for five weeks with just a guitar, a mandolin, and a backpack.

Pops Staples: Don’t Lose This.

Pops Staples: Don’t Lose This. More than 15 years ago, Roebuck “Pops” Staples started recording his final album with his daughters, Mavis, Cleotha and Yvonne of the gospel-R&B family act The Staple Singers. Pops was ailing, but his voice was strong. In time he became too weak to finish the album, and one day he called Mavis to his sickbed and asked her to play him a rough recording. She left him alone with the music, and when she came back, he smiled and told her, “Mavis, don’t lose this.” She didn’t. When she was ready, she asked her friend Jeff Tweedy of the band Wilco to help her fill in the gaps on the recording. Today they’re releasing the final Pops Staples album, Don’t Lose This, together. Mavis Staples says it’s been a long time coming.”I would just break into tears anytime I heard Pops’ voice on these records. There never was a point that we didn’t want to release them; it was just the timing,” she says. “I knew that the record needed tweaking, so I said, who else to help me with this but my friend Jeff Tweedy? And he did that, and Tuesday we’ll have Pops on the radio.”

Imagine Dragons: Smoke Mirrors.

Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors. Featuring Ben McKee from Forestville! New Release from the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning rock band. On Smoke + Mirrors, Imagine Dragons use the frenetic energy of life on the road to infuse their music with both raw tension and intense vulnerability. As on their double-platinum full-length debut Night Visions, the band works with sharply crafted beats and grooves to dream up rhythm-driven rock music that’s artful yet visceral.

Kate Pierson: Guitars and Microphones.

Kate Pierson: Guitars and Microphones. The debut solo album from the iconic voice and founding member of punk/new wave/pop/genre-defying band The B-52s. Guitars and Microphones was produced by Tim Anderson (Ima Robot) and features Nick Valensi of The Strokes on several tracks. Kate collaborated on songwriting with powerhouse Sia who also executive produced the album.

The Mavericks : Mono.

The Mavericks : Mono. New release by the country/pop/Americana hitmakers. The Mavericks’ members imagine themselves in one of those merciless rooms and come out swinging. Their weapons are consummate skill, the clarion charisma of singer Raul Malo, and the wisdom to know that fun is what wins in the end. Mono was recorded quickly after a long stretch of touring, and it’s that old one-signal-path style that requires the band to play utterly in sync, and for the songs to grab attention on their own. The songs are not simplistic — the band has far too wide a range of influences for that — but they are direct. Most call for immediate action: “Fascinate Me,” “Let It Rain,” “Do You Want Me To.” All, even the slow ones, are built to make bodies move.

Jose Gonzalez: Vestiges & Claws

Jose Gonzalez: Vestiges & Claws. This will be the first album in seven years for José Gonzalez--his sophomore album, In Our Nature, which was released in 2007 was met with much critical acclaim. Since then, José Gonzalez recorded and released albums with his other musical incarnation, Junip a duo made up of Gonzalez and Tobias Winterkorn. Most recently, Gonzalez teamed up with Ryan Adams to create a track for Ben Stiller’s ”The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” released last year.

Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me Soundtrack

Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me Soundtrack. Soundtrack for the documentary film about Country/Pop legend Glen Campbell that also features The Band Perry. The project also features Campbell’s daughter Ashley who performs an original song. The soundtrack’s centerpiece is the Oscar-nominated ‘I’m Not Gonna Miss You’, which was written by Campbell and Julian Raymond specifically for the film. Produced by Raymond, the song was recorded in the Los Angeles-based Sunset Sound Factory and East West Recording Studios. Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me is an epic human drama that intimately showcases the man and his music throughout Campbell’s struggle with Alzheimers. Chronicling the story of love, laughter, resilience and power of song, this film shows how against all odds, America’s greatest country star would not give up. Directed and produced by James Keach (producer of Walk The Line) and produced by Trevor Albert (Groundhog Day).

Bob Marley & the Wailers: Easy Skanking

Bob Marley & the Wailers: Easy Skanking - Boston '78. Digitally remastered previously unavailable live set released to coincide with the reggae legend’s 70th birthday year. Bob Marley and the Wailers had broken through to the American mainstream by the time they arrived at Boston’s Music Hall for two shows on June 8, 1978. Easy Skanking in Boston ’78, captures the first of two sets that evening. This new release features the 13 track live show. Highlights of the performance include a lively “Jammin’” and “The Heathen,” a song Marley and the band didn’t perform during the second set. The show features them at their most comfortable, truly enjoying themselves in the spotlight, basking in the appreciation of the audience. This package features the 13 track live show, with some of the most amazing Bob Marley live footage that’s been found. All footage recorded from a single hand-held camera at very front of crowd, with specially created animation that runs in parts where camera film was being changed and there is live audio but a gap in the footage. The 46-minute video includes seven of the 13 songs in the full set.