Discovering the New Laguna Discovery Trail

Apr 21, 2016

Wendy Trowbridge, Restoration Director for the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, points to thenerby Laguna channel, while leading a hike along the new Southern Laguna Discovery Trail
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  Just in time for Earth Day, a new public trail near Rohnert Park shows visitors how ecological restoration unfolds over time, as pasture and grasslands are gradually converted back to a stretch of riparian forest.

It may not be apparent to casual visitors, says Laguna Foundation Executive Director Munroe, but the replantings and other ecological restoration efforts along the new Discovery Trail represent hundreds of hours of work, in a project that will remain ongoing for several more years.

An intensive effort to rid the Laguna of the invasive Ludwigia using herbicides and heavy equipment in 2005-2007 was scrapped when it proved ineffective in preventing the weed from returning each succeeding year.
Credit Laguna de Santa Rrosa Foundation

  Within the Laguna channel itself, some corrective measures are being implemented to discourage the proliferation of the invasive aquatic plant, Ludwigia. Wendy Trowbridge, Restoration Director for the Foundation, says this approach is being tried after earlier efforts to eradicate the weed were unsuccessful.

The Laguna Foundation is hosting two public walks on the new trail on Saturday morning, April 23, but reservations are required.