The 'Economic Hitman' Returns to Sonoma County

Nov 2, 2016

John Perkins, the self-described “Economic Hitman,” says the problems he helped create-- before reforming--have gotten worse in recent years. But he’s got a recipe for turning things around.

John Perkins says he has been encouraged in his call for consumer activism to counter corporate overreach in private conversations with many top executives in the companies that are driving the debt economy.

The downside of corporate consolidation can be seen in myriad industries, but Perkins observes that few strike closer to home for most of us than one that was formerly a linchpin for most local business communities: banking.

John Perkins talk about his books and his prescriptions for change at 3 pm  on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 6, in the Sonoma Valley Women's Club. It's sponsored by the Praxis Peace Institute, which has details here.