Energy Efficiency Boosts California Economy

Aug 21, 2015

Reducing the energy used by buildings and appliances across California has saved consumers billions, while also creating jobs and stimulating other sectors of the economy. But there’s still more that needs to be done for the state to meet its long-term goals.

Lara Ettenson is Director of California Energy Efficiency Policy at the Natural Resources Defense Council in San Francisco, and  co-author of the report, California an Energy Efficiency Powerhouse, but Meeting Long-term Energy & Climate Goals Requires More. She points out that another benefit from reducing electrical consumption in California is that it has curtailed a need to build additional new power plants.

Beyond congratulating Californians on their savings, this report (read it here)  is also intended to inspire others elsewhere to implement similar measures, notes  Environmental Entrepreneurs' Mary Solecki-- for  economic reasons if nothing else.