Environmental Stewardship in Ancient Sonoma County

May 9, 2016

Benjamin Benson
Credit Pepperwood Preserve

  When the end of the ice age brought climate change to northern California, thousands of years ago, the indigenous tribes here adjusted through changes in their diet, lifestyle and social structure. 

Grinding acorns into an edible mash has been an important part of the traditional Native American diet in Norther California for generations.

  One of the most effective tools for that native peoples in Northern California used for managing the environment was fire, explains researcher Benjamin Benson.

While John Muir was a towering figure in the emergence of modern environmentalism in California and beyond, Benson says he had a profound blind spot when it came to recognizing the role Native Americans had long played here.

Benjamin Benson will detail his research and conclusion in a Science Buzz Café talk Wednesday evening at 7 pm, at the French Garden Restaurant  in Sebastopol.