EVs Circle the Globe in 80 Days

Oct 25, 2016

Alan Soule (left) with fellow drivers at Maji Mountain near Gansu China.

For his summer vacation his year, Alan Soule took a trip around the world—literally—behind the wheel of his electric car.

It was a long way between charging opportunities as the EV drivers wound through this valley in Romania.

This was a full circuit of the Northern Hemisphere, beginning and ending in Spain. But in between, says Alan Soule, the lone American participant, his passport got a workout.

Alan Soule's California tesla prepares to cross from China into Kazakhstan, where the condition of the roads was memorably bad.

Along the way, the EV drivers visited many remarkable landmarks and found charging opportunities fairly readily when they were needed. The biggest automotive challenge, says Soule, was the condition of the roads in Kazakhstan.