Exhibit Highlights Disability Rights Activism

Oct 12, 2016

An introductoryl kiosk with video greets visitors to the "Patient No More" exhibit.

Almost 40 years ago, an unprecedented sit in at the Federal Building in San Francisco helped launch the nationwide disability rights movement.  A special exhibit coming to SRJC details that historic turning point.

The mid-70s were a time when political activism was gaining momentum among people with disabilities, recalls Stan Kosloski, driven in large part by a change in the way they viewed themselves.

The “Patient No More” exhibit, in the Bertolini Student Center on the SRJC campus in Santa Rosa, will open Friday afternoon with a special presentation on “Equal Education for All.” It will also be open for free viewing next Monday through Thursday only, from 7 am to 8 pm each day.

HolLynn D’Lil

A second special event is set for noon on Tuesday Oct. 18, when HolLynn D’Lil will read from her book about the sit-in and show slides of photographs she took to document it. Her book is titled, Becoming Real in 24 Days, which she says describes her internal transformation that was triggered by the events around her.