Farewell, Robin Pressman; Hello, Sean and Doug!

Sep 8, 2014

Even as KRCB celebrates 30 years of serving community, we are losing one of our longest serving staff members. Robin Pressman, Radio Program Director, is moving on to another public radio position. She has helped to guide the radio part of our ship for almost 20 years now, shaping our music, our sound, and our presence in the community. And, of course, she has served as the lead host (with strong back up from Steve Delap) of the very popular radio show, Our Roots Are Showing. For many of our members, perhaps you, Roots is an absolute Saturday afternoon date as Robin pulled out incredible music across a broad spectrum of voices and styles. We wish Robin every good fortune in her new adventures.

Robin did a lot of things at the station and her job is being divvied up between many talented folks at the station, including Sean Knight, who is taking over her programming duties, and longtime Connections host Doug Jayne who'll be taking over her weekday afternoon radio program. 

Sean Knight

Sean Knight has worked as KRCB's Traffic and Operations guru for the last 8 years and has worked in radio for a total of 18 years, working in Fayetteville and Little Rock, Arkansas; Dothan, Alabama; and Memphis, Tennessee, as well as commercial stations in Santa Rosa, before arriving at KRCB. He likes red wines and peanut M&Ms, not necessarily at the same time.

Doug Jayne

Longtime KRCB radio host Doug Jayne started working in the record business in 1975. He is a co-owner of The Last Record Store and founder of Jackalope Records, an independent record label and recording studio. Jackalope Records' first release in 1996 was called Connections, a compilation of local musicians which served as a fund raising tool for KRCB. He has been in several bands, including Stupid White People and Laughing Gravy, and has several albums to his credit.