Federal Water Bill Benefits Sonoma County

Jun 2, 2014

Congressmen Mike Thompson (L) and Jared Huffman were happy to share good news at a joint press conference in Santa Rosa Monday.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  Two incumbent congressmen--both up for re-election this week--held a joint press conference in Santa Rosa Monday. But the topic was water, not politics. 

The last big Federal water projects bill was passed in 2007. The new measure is smaller, and went through a more rigorous vetting process, but Congressman Mike Thompson says it still proved to be an effective vehicle for necessary local projects.

Among those local efforts, noted Santa Rosa City Council member Erin Carlstrom, was expansion of the city’s water recycling program.

Part of the habitat work on Dry Creek involves creating backwater channels, as shows on the right in this drawing, where migrating salmon can take refuge from faster water flows.
Credit Sonoma County Water Agency