"The Flavors of Home"

Dec 22, 2016

All around us, there are edible plants, growing wild. The trick is knowing which ones they are, where to find them, and how best to make use of them.  On today’s North Bay Report, we hear from someone who not only knows all that, she wrote the book on it.

Margit Roos- Collins
Credit Heyday Books

  For Margit Roos-Collins, foraging has been a part of her lifestyle since childhood, a sort of family tradition.

It’s not exactly clear when The Flavors of Home lapsed out of print—probably more than ten years ago—so the author is naturally pleased to see her only book reissued in a new edition. And getting that done, she says, required only a modest amount of updating in the appendices, as the plants and their whereabouts really haven’t changed.