Forestville Moves to Preseve Downtown Open Space

May 29, 2013

Richard Naegle of the Forestville Planning Association stands before a portion of the lands that should soon become a public open space near the heart of the community's downtown.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  As the clock winds down on a matching grant to preserve a key piece of open space in the heart of Forestville, the small west county town is confident that the one-time subdivision site will instead be protected as a natural park.

The extension of the bicycle trail will follow the west and north sides of the open space land, as shown in red on the map below.

A Google Earth view of the Forestville Open Space Park side, looking southwesterly.
Credit Forestville Planning Association

The open space acquisition plan has wide support within Forestville and the town's business community, as the Forestville Planning Association  has documented in this video. Donations to the effort can be made here.