Framing Roseland's Future

Jun 24, 2015

Little remains of the original Roseland Village Shopping Center, but the 7-acre site is now a blank canvas for three competing development proposals. Each of them includes a community center, affordable housing, business spaces and more.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

Roseland residents are being invited to discussions about various aspects of the area’s future, the most recent moves in a 30 year history of proposed redevelopment plans for their neighborhood. With three separate projects in the works, the pace appears to be picking up.

If all goes according to schedule, says Beau Anderson from the Sonoma County Community Development Commission, a detailed plan for building the new Roseland Village Neighborhood Center could be presented to county Supervisors for approval before the end of the year. But well before that, the Commission hopes to make a portion of the land available for low-impact community uses.

  The various community meetings now underway are an encouraging step for Roseland and its future. But neighborhood community activist Duane DeWitt says the promise that process holds now will be squandered if the residents’ ideas and preferences are not actually incorporated into the final result.

You can see and review the three competing proposals for the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center here.

Information about Roseland Community Park is available here, and for the Roseland/Sebastopol Road Spceific Plan, start here.