Give a Tree to Celebrate a Loved One, and Help the Planet: Trees for a Change

Jul 12, 2017

A baby tree just planted in the Tahoe National Forest. The ten-year-old organization Trees for a Change organizes gifts of trees that repopulate burned forests.
Credit Trees for a Change

You're invited to a birthday party July 14 -- and the site is perfect: Armstrong Woods. The celebration recognizes a decade of work by a Santa Rosa-based company that honors and memorializes friends and loved ones with a unique and sustainable gift. Steve Mencher talked with Kim Isley, "treehugger in chief," about her brainchild.

Find out how you can give the gift of a tree at the Trees for a Change website.

Credit Joan Wrenn via Flickr

Trees for a Change founder Kim Isley talks about the fun in store for tree lovers at Armstrong Woods State Reserve picnic area Friday July 14 from 4 pm to 7 pm.