Gravel Mining in the Middle Reach of the Russian River

Sep 9, 2016

The second of a trio of three-day kayak trips down the full length of the Russian River wrapped up today, as the participating stakeholders made landfall at Steelhead Beach near Forestville. Riverkeeper Don McEnhill is helping guide the floating conference, and he paused earlier today to discuss the changing political climate that is reshaping the environmental issues in the River's middle reach. 

KRCB News Director Bruce Robinson, talking with the Russian Riverkeeper, Don McEnhill. The final three-day expedition to complete the descent the rest of the way to the Pacific runs October 7-9, and the public is invited to join in at no cost for the last two days, from Cassini Rach near Monte Rio on to Jenner. More information about that trip and the larger context of River awareness around it can be found online here.