Healdsburg Gleaners “Rescue” Food for Pantries

Nov 14, 2015


Fourth grader Lucas and his first grade "buddy" show off their bag of walnuts early in their field trip to join the Farm to Pantry gleaners in an Alexander Valley walnut grove.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

  Extra or unharvested produce doesn’t go to waste when Healdsburg’s Farm to Pantry gleaners go into action. 

Melita Love, who founded the Farm to Pantry Gleaners seven years ago, says they have been helped enormously by the many Healdsburg area farmers who make their unused fruit and vegetables available to the group.

  The gleaning group sends the biggest share of what they gather to their local food pantry, but Program Director Dani Wilcox says they seek out other hungry recipients as well.