Health Partnerships Aid First-Time Mothers

Apr 7, 2017

The months from pregnancy through infancy are critical for both mothers and newborns, and can shape the course of the child’s life into adulthood. It can be a critical time for a little constructive guidance, which is provided by a low-profile, but impactful county program.

Newborns don’t arrive with an instruction manual, so first-time parents are usually learning as they go. Supervising Health Nurse Lisa Fredrickson says that’s why the Nurse-Family Partnerships extend through the first 24 months of the child’s life.

During that time, Fredrickson adds, the visiting nurse can model and teach adult stability—another long-lasting benefit of the program.

The Nurse-Family Partnership program originated in Denver and is now being used all across the county. Right now it is serving about 10% of the eligible households in Sonoma County.To contact the program in Sonoma County, call ( 800) 427-8982 or (707) 565-4440.