Human Coexistence with Mountain Lions

Aug 4, 2017

Dr.Quinton Martins outside the office of his Mountain Lion Project at the Bouverie Preserve in Glen Ellen.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

Mountain lions are apex predators, quietly roaming huge areas of Sonoma County. Do they pose any risk to the ever growing human population here?

Fences and highways are increasingly fragmenting the habitat of wide-ranging wildlife, such as mountain lions. In recognition of the problem (for the animals) conservationists are proactively working to save or create safe corridors for wildlife to roam or migrate through. That’s long overdue says Beth Pratt, California Regional Director for the National Wildlife Federation and author of the recent book, When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors.

Dr.Quinton Martins will share details and insights from his ongoing work with the Audubon Canyon Ranch's Mountain Lion Project in a presentation at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation on Thursday August 10. Find event details here.