The Illusion of Cyber-Security

Feb 9, 2017


It’s true:  Big Brother IS watching us. And listening, and reading our emails and more, while we are making it easier for our data to be captured and sold.

Bill Blunden spoke about cyber spying and personal data protection at a computer science colloquium at Sonoma State University on Thursday.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

The ever-expanding corporate and governmental intrusion into private personal communications and activities should be of concern to everyone, contends cyber security analyst Bill Blunden. It’s not whether or not one has something to hide, but a matter of protecting vital Constitutional rights.

To avoid unwanted attention from cyber-snoops, Blunden suggests it is possible, to some extent, to get lost in the crowd through consistent and benign behaviors.

Bill Blunden is the co-author of Behold a Pale Farce:  Cyberwar, Threat Inflation and the Malware Industrial Complex, and the man behind the website, Below Gotham Labs.