Improving Birth in America

Aug 29, 2013

Two participants from the 2012 Rally.

  For a second consecutive year, a Rally to Improve Birth is being held in Santa Rosa on Labor Day (details below). Two of the women behind the event, independent film-maker Diana Paul  and co-coordinator  Deb Putterbaugh spoke with KRCB about the reasons for the rally, and the changes they hope it will lead to.

It’s less apparent in California than in many other states, but the role—or even the availability—of midwives in childbirths in this country represents a gap that clinical facilities cannot replace, says Rally co-coordinator Deb Putterbaugh.


  In a large majority of hospital births, the mothers are injected with a potent chemical cocktail late in their labor, which is intended to ease the final stages of the delivery. But Diana Paul worries that these “epidurals” carry unintended consequences for the newborn child.