Inside Costa Rica’s Ban on In Vitro Fertilization

Jun 17, 2015


In Costa Rica, an enormous controversy swirls around tiny cells such as these.
Credit Azul Films

   Costa Rica’s vote to ban in vitro fertilization in 2000 was a political decision, but one with some painful personal impacts.  Both are traced in a bay area filmmaker’s new documentary, which comes to KRCB television Thursday night, just in time for Father's Day.

Gabriela Quirós, producer, director and narrator of the documentary Beautiful Sin.
Credit Lenny Gonzalez

While Gabriella Quiros’ Beautiful Sin has been getting shown at festivals, and on some public television stations in this country, she is looking forward to taking it back to her homeland soon, where she expects it will generate a lot of attention.

One source of the documentary’s power lies in the painful outcomes she finds in the lives of the couples whose stories are at its heart.

Here's the teaser for Beautiful Sin: