Introducing Transition Santa Rosa

Apr 30, 2013

Climate change and rising fossil fuel costs affect everyone, so how can we best prepare to minimize their impacts? Transition Santa Rosa is out to find their city’s answers to that question.

John DuVall

 Transition initiatives are not new to Sonoma County; the national base for the movement relocated to Sebastopol in 2009, and both that town and Cotati have had their own active Transition Town groups for several years. But scaling those efforts up to a city the size of Santa Rosa is a bigger undertaking, says Transition Santa Rosa co-founder John DuVall, so they are modeling their efforts on those already happening in some other larger municipalities.

Additional information about Transition Santa Rosa and the events they host can be found here

The North Bay Report also featured an interview with Carolyne Stayton, Executive Director of Transition US, in May 2009. You can find that report archived here.