A Life in Animation

Jan 16, 2017

Having worked on the Beatles' Yellow Submarine film in 1967, Ron Campbell now paints watercolors incorporating characters from his long career in animation.

Back in 1965 and 66, there was a Saturday morning kids show watched by up to 2/3s of the televisions in America. It was the Beatles Cartoons, which Australian animator Ron Campbell helped create-- among many other shows, before and since.

The Yellow Submarine film is known, among other things, for its bright palette of colors. But animator Ron Campbell says his contributions to the landmark movie were all done in basic black and white, with the colors added by others later in the process.

 Campbell, who now lives in Arizona, is paying a short visit to Santa Rosa this week where he will be will be showing his art and talking with visitors at the Area Arts Gallery, 105 Fourth Street in Santa Rosa's old Railroad Square, Tuesday, Jan. 17th  from noon to 8 pm and Wednesday, Jan. 17th  from noon to 7 pm.

Ron Campbell