Lilly Hiatt On World Cafe

Sep 29, 2017

You barely have to listen through a full verse and chorus of a Lilly Hiatt song to feel like you've connected instantly with a new friend — one who's warm and gritty in all the good ways, who welcomes you up to her porch and holds the screen door right open.

In fact, Hiatt's latest album, Trinity Lane, is named after the place she lives in East Nashville. And the music tells her story: the breakup she went through before moving there, the alcohol abuse she resists going back to and the scars from when she was small (including her mother's death by suicide before Lilly turned a year old). She was raised by her father, legendary songwriter John Hiatt.

As you'll hear in our interview, they've got a beautiful father-daughter connection. Hiatt's father gave her her first guitar (and, I think, some pretty great songwriting genes) and they're on the same record label.

You can hear all of that in the player above. But first, let's head over to "Trinity Lane" with Lilly Hiatt, courtesy of the video below.

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