Living with Faults in the North Bay

Mar 22, 2016

For thousands of years, present-day Sonoma County has straddled some major fault lines. In 1906, that resulted in a historic earthquake, which caused more damage in Santa Rosa than San Francisco. So, 110 years later, how much better prepared are we?

One positive outcome from California’s lengthy history of earthquakes up and down the state, says geologist Dr. Jane Nielson,  has been a heightened understanding of how best to construct homes and other buildings to withstand the stresses from a seismic event.

Dr. Jane Nnielson

  Earthquake faults and their associated hazard zones are typically shown as lines on maps. But Nielson says that’s an oversimplification.

Dr. Jane Nielson’s presentation is tomorrow evening at 6 pm in the Sebastopol Grange. Click here for event details. Her talk is the most recent in the Kortum Legacy Speaker series, presented by Sonoma County Conservation Action's Fund for Education.