Many Steps Needed to Move Toward Zero Waste

May 11, 2017

Recycling is up in California. So is composting. But we are still sending millions of tons of garbage to landfills. Various ways to cut that back were on the agenda at a Zero Waste Symposium at SoMo Village Thursday. 

This 3-D construction by Petaluma "Trash Artist" Marie Kneemeyer, on display at the Zero Waste event, is composed of her own personal trash--a very individualized form of recycling.
Credit Bruce Robinson / KRCB-FM

Nick Lapis, Advocacy Director for Californians Against Waste was another of the speakers at the Zero Waste Symposium. His organization has had a hand in many of the recycling measures that  California has adopted to date, but Lapis believes the next big target area for waste reduction will be “organics.”

Another area of emphasis for Californians Against Waste is legislation requiring manufactures to shoulder responsibility for the eventual disposal of their products. Recent successes have included paint and mattresses, but Lapis says it is slow going as they continue to regulate individual industries.

The new “Sip-It Sonoma” campaign to phase out local use of plastic straws may seem like a tiny piece of the problem. But Pam Davis points out that these small items are representative of some much bigger hazards.