Marijuana Measures Seek a Place on the 2016 Ballot

Mar 7, 2016

  As popular sentiment for allowing wider use of marijuana continues to grow, a cluster of proposed measures to revisit legalization have been vying for a spot on California’s November ballot. But as the deadline for qualifying draws closer, the field now appears to be narrowing. 

Joe Rogoway

  Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of  NORML in California, recognizes that a change in the federal proscription of marijuana under all circumstances is not going to be initiated in Washington D.C. The eventual momentum for that, he says,  will require a widespread grass roots effort to force political change.

One concern often raised about legalization of marijuana involves how law enforcement will handle cases of driving under the influence. Santa Rosa attorney Joe Rogoway says that’s already covered under existing law, specifically section 23152(a) of the state Vehicle Code.