A Move to Amend Proposition 13

Oct 6, 2013

A campaign to exclude commercial properties from the property tax protection of Prop 13 is getting underway, with one local school signing on early.

When the West Sonoma County Union High School District’s Board of Directors took up the issue last month, it passed, 4-0, with minimal discussion. Superintendent Keller McDonalds says that’s because it had been talked about extensively well before their Sept. 11 meeting.

*Based on available data from California's 23 largest counties, representing over 90% of the state's population.
Credit California Tax Reform Association

   The immediate objective of Evolve California’s push to get school board support for amending Proposition 13 is to provide pressure or support for the state legislature to take action, explains the group’s campaign director, Ben Grieff. But the action he’s seeking is to place the matter before California voters.